EAS TVET Providers Network

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EAS TVET Network consisted of 18 nations including 10 nations in ASEAN, Korea(South), China, Japan(ASEAN+3), Australia, New Zealand, USA and Russia.

The Network is primarily composed of TVET providers from EAS member countries and it will be overseen by a Governing Council. The Governing Council establishes Working Parties composed of Governing Council and Network members. A Secretariat will support the Network, Governing Council and Working Parties.

Composition Of EAS

Network Organizational Structure

The Network’s overall objectives are to:
A) Build and support the capacity of TVET institutions in EAS countries to meet the skill demands of employers and learners, thus contributing to the economic and social development of participating countries.
B) Promote and enhance the image of TVET broadly.
C) Facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and experiences in developing technical and vocational skills.
D) Identify exchange opportunities to promote cultural development (students, TVET graduates, teachers and administrators).
E) Provide a platform for mutual understanding of TVET issues.
F) Provide an opportunity for members to establish partnerships, recognise and/or benchmark each other’s courses and qualifications.
G) Promote centres of excellence.
H) Provide a source of advice, guidance and feedback on initiatives and priorities for non-government organisations, relevant Ministries and other key stakeholders.

Through these activities, the Network aims to promote the value and importance of TVET across EAS countries and raise the status of TVET institutions and their qualifications.
The Network will enable TVET policy initiatives developed by governments of member countries, donor organisations and/or members to be shared. The Network has no role in developing TVET policy or in endorsing or rejecting specific policies as they relate to member countries.
Australia and the Republic of Korea will provide material support during the establishment of the Network with the intention of the Secretariat becoming self-sufficient by 2015.

EAS TVET Providers Network
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